GraTer means "Graphene Based Terahertz Waveguide and Modulator". It is the personal postdoc project financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research. The goal of GraTer is to design, fabricate and characterize graphene based waveguide, modulator and antenna for THz radiation (0.1-30 THz).


07-14.07.2013 Andrei Andryieuski took active part in the 44th International Physics Olympiad. He prepared one of the theoretical problems (about plasmonic steam generator) and worked as a marker during IPhO. More information about IPhO-2013... 

30-05.07.2013 Andrei Andryieuski presented the results on the graphene metamaterial based absorber at the ICMAT-2013 (Singapore). 

27-31.05.2013 Andrei Andryieuski gave an invited talk "Terahertz wave manipulation with metamaterials based on metal and graphene" at the Annual International Conference "Days on Diffraction" (Saint Petersburg, Russia). 

12-16.05.2013 Andrei Andryieuski presented a talk on the graphene based absorber at CLEO/Europe-IQEC-2013 (Munich, Germany). 

08.04.2013 Our paper "Graphene metamaterials based tunable terahertz absorber: effective surface conductivity approach" has been published in Optics Express. 

11.03.2013 Our paper "Metamaterial polarization converter analysis: limits of performance" has been published in Applied Physics B. 

26.10.2012 Andrei Andryieuski received the "DTU's Young Researcher 2012" prize at DTU Ph.D. graduation party.  

07.10.2012 Our results on graphene hyperlens appeared in the popular science media:

1.10.2012 Our paper "Graphene hyperlens for terahertz radiation" was published in Physical Review B Rapid Communications. pdf 

20.09.2012 Our paper "A new method for obtaining transparent electrodes" was published in Optics Express. pdf 

6.09.2012 Our review paper  "Nanocouplers for infrared and visible light" has been published in the special issue "Modern Trends in Metamaterial Applications" in the Advances of Optoelectronics. pdf 

3-7.09.2012 Andrei Andryieuski presented the results on the graphene hyperlens for THz radiation at the 12th International Conference on Near-Field Optics, Photonics and Related Techniques (San-Sebastian, Spain). poster in pdf 

18.07.2012 Our paper "Bloch-mode analysis for retrieving effective parameters of metamaterials" was published in Physical Review B. pdf 

25-26.06.2012 Andrei Andryieuski received an award "for great presentation of scientific results" at the Carbonhagen conference for the poster "Graphene Hyperlens for Terahertz Radiation". poster in pdf  

EOS label18-20.06.2012 Andrei Andryieuski presented the research results on the graphene hyperlens at the EOS TST 2012 meeting in Czech Republic.



EliteForsk   02.2012 Andrei Andryieuski received the DFF-Ung Eliteforsker 2012 diploma from the Minister of Education Morten Østergaard. The ceremony was held in Glyptoteket. Read more...



GraTer   01.2012 The Grater project started. The kick-off presentation was held at several groups from DTU Fotonik and DTU Nanotech.  Read more...


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